Welcome to Flavour Country! Here is a Little About Me…

12 Jul

First, I want to welcome you to my blog and taking time out of your busy life to read it.

So I’m going to try this blog thing. There are few things in my life I really like to talk about… photography, politics, things I have bought, and food related topics. I have always loved cooking and watching people cook. I think I developed my passion for food and cooking at an early age when I spent hours watching my mom and grandmother cook. Though my mom didn’t like me there beside her in the way, I was defiant and didn’t go away for long. I think my mom is glad I did not just ‘go away’ when I cook for the family. Still, now, she calls me to see if I would come over and make some supper. Actually, after high school I was seriously thinking I would go to school to do the chef thing. I ended up opting out due to the extremely long hours in the commercial kitchen. I guess I didn’t have the passion to do it commercially then, but I think if I came into a large sum of money I would consider opening up my own place.

I used to spend many hours a week watching The Food Network. During this time I would be inspired to explore flavours and ingredients. This last year I have not had The Food Network to watch and it has been a tough separation to deal with. Instead, I have read hundreds of recipes online and many books to keep that spark going. Also, I usually cook for my girlfriend nightly, though she cooks sometimes and it is soooooo good! Most nights are quick one-pot dishes (two if I’m making rice), but I sometimes get to make some really special food for her. Check out this picture of the dish I made for her on Valentines Day.

In this picture there are blackened shrimp and a diver scallop and a perfectly grilled steak. The asparagus has been sautéed in browned butter. Missing from this picture is the blue cheese sauce on top of the steak (I forgot it and noticed it just before I served it).

In this blog I plan on talking about my coffee, restaurants, and food experiences. Sometimes I may even add in a review of a non-food product I have bought or experienced in some manner. I will tackle reviews in a no BS manner; I’m usually very critical and hard to impress. I have very high expectations of products and food. So, enjoy my life and passion with food. Please feel free to comment and share your opinions. Thanks.


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