Hot Sauce Review: Droolin’ Devil’s Liquid Sin

19 Jul

Ahhh, Droolin’ Devil! I was so excited when I found out we had a store that only sold hot sauces and spicy products a few years back. Most of their stock was hot sauces from around the globe, but showcased their own sauce. The shop was owned and operated by Craig “Uncle Big” and Lorien Lowenberg. They had two different lines of sauce… Droolin’ Devil and Uncle Big’s. Droolin’ Devil has more of a gormet edge to it, while Uncle Big’s is pure hellish heat with awesome flavour. I will review the Uncle Big’s products in the future.

But in true Saskatchewan fashion, we could not support a store with such a niche market, thus they went out of business last year. Hark, don’t fret people, they still sell their signature brands, and many other brands online at Droolin’ Devil Fiery Foods!!!

A couple of months ago I went to their online market and stocked up my supplies. I ended up buying like 8 different types of sauce. One sauce included in my purchase was Droolin’ Devil’s Liquid Sin.I actually got 2 bottles. Their sauces are a little more money than most are used to, but that is to be expected when you’re buying craft made sauce.

I’ve been using this sauce since I used to get it from their Saskatoon store. It is by far my favorite hot sauce to use. The taste is SOOOO good and is really hot. Check out Liquid sin here.

Uncle Big prides himself in using many complex flavour and  fresh ingredients when making his sauces. The ingredients for this sauce are: Red Savina ® Habanero, Peri Peri, Red Jalapeno Peppers, Fresno Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Garlic, Onions, Lemon, Lime and Blood Orange juice, Salt, Honey, Spices, Vinegar. Any one who knows chili peppers knows that the trademarked Red Savina pepper is the hottest Habanero pepper out there. It has been genetically bred for heat!!! Actually, Liquid Sin won 2nd place at Chili Magazine’s Fiery Food challenge.

Generally, hot sauces are very sour. I usually dislike a hot sauce that uses too much vinegar (ie Franks Red Hot). Vinegar has its place, but can easily be over used. This is why I love Liquid Sin so much! Some may feel it is too sweet, which it is, but it fits my taste buds just right. The sweetness comes from the honey and citrus juice. Though these ingredients might seem weird for a hot sauce, they work very well. The flavour of Liquid Sin is very complex and balanced. You can taste the honey, garlic and Habanero first, and the citrus and vinegar comes in at the end. The heat attacks the back of the throat first, which is typical of chiles like the Habanero.

If you like hot sauce, I urge you to visit Droolin’ Devil’s Fiery Foods and order yourself up some of their sauces.

More reviews on their sauces to come!

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One Response to “Hot Sauce Review: Droolin’ Devil’s Liquid Sin”

  1. Alison July 19, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    As a selfproclamied heat “wimp”, I can vouch that these sauces have helped me gain tolerance. If you WANT to start using hotsauces, just go for it and build up a tolerance! In small doses, they are bareable!

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